Practical techniques of Stupidity

This workshop is for performers who have some experience of Theatre Clown and want to go further, as well as experienced actors who would like to explore the world of Clown.

We will introduce and sharpen skills to allow your clown to live more fully, freely and clearly on stage.

Clowning is a ‘primal state’ for a performer.  It is a state of openness, curiosity, a vibrant relaxation and playfulness.  A clown is comfortable in the pleasure and creative freedom of ‘not knowing’, without fear of failure.  Good comedy exists in a relationship with an audience. It is the beautiful, frail, proud, ridiculous humanity of the performer and the truthfulness of the moment, rather than an idea or gag that makes an audience laugh.

In a supportive environment, we will explore, focus and sharpen performance skills used in Theatre Clowning: The Clown ‘State’, Personal Clown, Physicality, Costume, Relationship with Audience, Partner Work, Rhythm & Timing, the Music of Slapstick, and Performance Skills. Participants will explore a direct playful relationship with an audience and begin to develop their ‘personal clown’.

Each day will begin with a foundation in physical training rooted in the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement. We will explore freeing your body for ease and effortless movement, moving easily and safely from floor to standing, Slapstick preparation: falling and rolling.  No previous movement experience necessary. Everyone will work at their own level of skill and ability.

The workshop is open to participants of all physical abilities.

There is a limit of 20 places in the workshop.

Dates: Monday – Saturday, September 18 to 23rd 2017

Time:                10:30 – 17:00

Where:             Edinburgh - St. Columba’s by the Castle

Cost: £350.00£315.00 (Equity Members & students or recent graduates of                                                                             professional training programmes.)

For further information & registration please contact:

Tim Licata  Plutôt la Vie   07960 492 511

The Feldenkrais Method - Awareness Through Movement

The Feldenkrais Method is a way of learning about movement, posture and breathing that can have profound effects on a person’s well being, self-image and capacity to improve.  Through Feldenkrais people learn to increase ease and range of movement, improve flexibility and co-ordination and awaken their innate capacity for comfort and pleasure.  More information about the Feldenkrais Method is available online at

The Feldenkrais Guild UK

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