A Clean Sweep


Directed by Magdalena Schamberger

Music by Andrew Cruickshank

In this brilliant blend of theatre clowning, dance and visual storytelling, Tim Licata and Ian Cameron explore the most ordinary and make it … extraordinary!

Performed by Ian Cameron & Tim Licata

Two men try to survive in an anarchic world of brooms, dust brushes, chimney brushes, scrub brushes, clothes brushes, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, doing anything but cleaning up.

Household chores will never seem the same again!

(For audiences of all ages – from 7 years)

Running time: 1 hour – no interval.

A Clean Sweep brings a taste of European theatre clowning to audiences of all ages.  In today’s world where everybody tries to be correct, successful and perfect, Walt and Dustin are different.  ‘Keepers of the Dust,’ they live in an absurd world full of brooms and brushes.  They try their very best to understand and control this world.  They fail – and in their generosity share their failure with the audience.  As a piece of visual theatre, we learn about the two characters through their physicality, actions and use of props and objects rather than a linear story.  In A Clean Sweep Dustin and Walt will share their dreams, passions, obsessions and above all their humanity.

Edinburgh based Plutôt la Vie was founded in 2003 by Tim Licata, Ian Cameron and Clark Crystal with a desire to create imaginative, visually driven performances.  A Clean Sweep was developed with the support of the Scottish Arts Council, Dance Base National Centre for Dance and the Brunton Theatre.

“…blessedly simple and uncluttered, the use of brush motifs is endlessly inventive, …the glorious chuckles of the children in the audience are a delight to hear, with the belly-laughter of the grown-ups not far behind.” - The Scotsman

“Classic double-act stuff… with roots in Beckettian vaudeville…” - The Herald

Outstanding. Very funny.  Clowning at its absolute very best. Tim Licata and Ian Cameron are brilliant …if you don’t have a child, borrow somebody else’s. Go and see this lovely clowning.” - EdinburghGuide.comEdinburgh Fringe

“A wordless humour fills the stage as we learn to watch the pair’s eyes, the tilt of a shoulder, the angle of a leg.  Plutôt la Vie’s clowns have disarming charm…” Edinburghguide.com

“…their own unique blend of theatrical clowning.  Top-notch acting…” - Edinburgh Fringe, Scotsman.com